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So a little bit about us......I have bred several breeds over the years, one being a Gorgeous line of Rose-Budd's Labrador Retrievers. After 13 years and losing my stud Decoy to old age, I retired my line. I have always had a fascination with Miniature Dachshunds and love all the coats and colors they come in, a big change from the Lab that has three colors. I am a very meticulous breeder, I research and do my homework and  I am always learning and picking brains. If I am going to put my name and reputation out there, I want to produce the best dog I can. After months of looking around and surfing the web...YIKES! I found some fabulous Doxies and here we go! I want to Thank the breeders that entrusted me with their precious Doxie lines, I promise to take exceptional care with them.

I have posted pictures of our home and "Dog House" because I want everyone to see that we provide a clean and loving environment. I don't believe in "kennel dogs", everyone here is treated and loved like a dog should be, this is very important to me. Health, Background Genetics and Temperament are all considered in our breeding program. We are truly committed to BETTERING the breed.

 So.....here are some photos of the out side, where the Doxies play for the day under the protection of our surveillance system. Everyone comes in at night for bed and through out the day for playtime. Also our "Dog Room", where are babies are born and I keep all the pictures of past animals.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this site, very proud and excited about this adventure!

Dachshunds are like Sunshine and Whiskey....They make you feel WARM ALL OVER, Just can't help but be Happy around them!

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