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Daisy-Hill Farm LLC

This is How the Wait List Works
As Well As Consideration 
For A Puppy That Is NOW Available

*See Up-Coming Litters Page for Potential Parents**

1. Let me know what your looking for
in an Email;

Male or Female
Long or Smooth Coat
What Color or Pattern

**Please tell me about Yourself**

I don't use a Puppy Application
for screening 
New Moms and Dads

This is Your Chance 
to Shine and Let Me Know
what a 
Wonderful Life,  Your New Puppy 
is going to have...

2. I will then add you to the list in the 
order of your request

3. I then start making contact when I 
know I have a female bred

4. Don't be discouraged with your      
place on the list, circumstances 
change and spots open up

5. When puppies are born, again I     
make contact and then start 
taking deposits 

6. It is VERY IMPORTANT to get on 
the Wait List, If you want a 
Quality Puppy, its Worth the Wait!!!

Daisy-Hill Dachshunds

 Reserves the Right 
First Pick of Litter
  Refusal of Sale 
Any Reason

***Wait List Information Below***
Fastest Way to Make Contact is Email