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                                                                           Kennel License # F1465                          daisyhilldoxies@tds.net

             Contractual Agreement (Bill of Sale):

This agreement entered into this_________________________________________________________, by and between Daisy-Hill Farm LLC, herein referred to as Seller and


Phone #s_________________________________________________________________________________________

 referred to as Buyer. Consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements, herein after set forth, it is agreed as follows

1. Seller agrees to sell and Buyer agrees to purchase said:   Dachshund

Dog/Puppy AKC Registration # Provided Upon Proof of Spay/Neuter         Limited_________Full____________
***Explanation of Limited and Full Registration is explained further in the contract***

D.O.B.__________________________________ Male_____ Female______ Color_________________________



Sire AKC#___________________PRA Case#___________________,______________NCL_________________


Dam AKC#__________________PRA Case#___________________,______________NCL_________________

2. Said Dog/Puppy was seen by Madison Animal Hospital, 36 Business Park Drive, Madison, ME 04950 on _________________________________and___________________________________.
Dog/Puppy's Medical History is listed on the Health Record provided at the Time of Sale. Said Dog/Puppy is of Sound Body and in Good Health and Free from Communicable Disease at the Time of the Sale to the Best of the Knowledge and Belief of the Seller. AKC does not assure the Health and Quality of said Dog/Puppy. Buyer understands that Color, Size and Coat are an Estimate by the Seller based on past litters, parents and lineage but Not Guaranteed by Seller.

It is Required by this Contract, said Dog/Puppy is to be examined by a Licensed Veterinarian within 10 Days of receipt of said Dog/Puppy and Signing of this Contract.Failure to do so will result in the Voiding of this Contract.

I, the Buyer, have received with this Contract a copy of The State of Maine, Animal Welfare and Regulations, Chapter 745. Jurisdiction for all matters involving this sale and contract shall be determined pursuant to the laws of the State of Maine. 
Buyer Initials:____________

3. Buyer agrees to Spay or Neuter said Dog/Puppy by 8 Months of Age 
(by_____________________________________), which must be communicated to the Seller in writing on or before above date. Failure to do so, will result in Daisy-Hill's right to retain ownership of said Dog/Puppy. Buyer agrees to pay ALL legal fees associated with the pursuit of retaining said Dog/Puppy. 

All AKC Limited Registrations will be Mailed or Emailed to the Buyer up on Receipt of a Copy of Spay or Neuter Certificate. Buyer agrees to Never Breed said Dog/Puppy or Register said Dog or Puppy with any other agency other than AKC.

 All Dogs/Puppies sold with Full AKC Registrations will be Exempt from this clause and will receive Registration paperwork the Day of the Sale. All puppies sold with Full AKC Registration must be Named or Registered with the Prefix  Daisy-Hill's...................................
Buyer Initials:____________

4. If at any time in Dog/Puppy's Lifetime, the Buyer Cannot or Wishes Not to care for said Dog/Puppy, it is Required by this Contract, that the Seller be Notified Immediately. Our goal at Daisy-Hill Dachshunds is to provide wonderful pets to loving homes and we Never want to see one of our Dog/Puppies go to a Shelter or Pet Store and or be Homeless. We know unforeseen circumstances arise and we will help in the placement of said Dog/Puppy. 
Buyer Initials:____________

5. Failure of Buyer to Comply with Any conditions of this Agreement/Contract will Relieve the Seller of Any and All Obligations to the Buyer.
Buyer Initials:____________

Price of Dog/Puppy $____________Tax @ 5.5%** Included in Price**  Total Cost $____________

Shipping $____________Deposit $____________Balance $______________

The sale of dogs and cats is subject to consumer protection regulations. Maine law also provides safeguards to protect sellers and animal purchasers. Attached is a copy of the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 7, chapter 745. Contained in this law is a statement of your consumer rights and remedies. Also attached is your pet's health history and specific warranty information." 

Signature of Seller___________________________________________________Date________________________

Signature of Buyer__________________________________________________Date_________________________