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Rehoming Adults
Here at Daisy-Hill, our Breeding Adults are near and dear to our hearts. Most have been raised here from very young puppies, either born here or shipped in from all over the U.S.A. and Canada. Each one has been chosen for a variety of reasons and become an important part of making beautiful, healthy babies for loving forever homes. We have a relationship with each and everyone, no one here is just a number but a member of this family and each one is given a PROMISE.... When their breeding career is finished, I will find them the PERFECT FOREVER HOME, where they live the rest of their days being loved, cherished and spoiled in true doxie fashion. A lot of people can't understand rehoming a dog and feel its selfish and cruel. Every dog deserves to be someones #1 and to be showered with the individual love and attention they deserve. What is selfish and cruel, is to keep a dog that you love from having it all, a unconditional loving home where they are the focus all that love and attention. That doesn't mean that I don't shed some tears when each one leaves but hearing back about our adult dogs completing a family is a feeling like no other! 

So let me tell you about our Adult Dogs:

     All Are and/or Will Be before they leave....

Up to Date on All Vaccines....(Full Health Record Provided)
Spayed or Neutered
Teeth Cleaned if Warranted
Crate Trained....(Each Dog goes home with their crate, makes transition easier)
Microchipped.... (We Pay the Transfer Fee)
Potty Trained.... (All Second Hand Dogs, need to be treated like a puppy when it comes to Pottying. What is the New Language, What Door is to be Used and What is the New Schedule. There is an adjustment period.

Process of Rehoming an Adult Dachshund:

1.  Email Me about the Dog you have chosen 
       a) Please tell me about yourself and family
       b) Work schedule

2.  There is a Rehoming Fee, that will be discussed in the emails

3.  After the email exchanges, we both agree this is a potentially good fit       for everyone
4.  We schedule a Meet & Greet
        a) If all goes well, the Dog may go home that day
        b) Rehoming Fee will be collected
        c) Contract 

Daisy-Hill's Adult Return Policy: 

Our Goal is to find, not just a suitable home for our adults but a 
                    "Where have You Been All My Life" kinda home. 
I want owner and dog, BOTH to be Completely HAPPY. 
Daisy-Hill gives the new relationship 30 days, in that time frame, if either dog or owner are not satisfied or happy...
 The Dog is Returned (in the same condition they left) with ALL paperwork provided at sale
and then
 100% of the Rehoming Fee is returned to the Buyer

Daisy-Hill Loves this FABULOUS website. 
ShelterPups makes stuffed Cats and Dogs from Pure luxurious Merino Wool, Hand made in the U.S.A. and Proceeds support Shelters and Rescues!

You can either Adopt a Dog or Cat already made ....
ShelterPups will make a Custom Stuffed Animal made from  Photos of  YOUR Dog or Cat.

      They are Gorgeous!

We have several of ShelterPups stuffed Dachshunds. Milo and Poppy are adults we rehomed and they are represented PERFECTLY. Pictures below...

Available Adults

 is 13 LBS
Black & Cream
Long Hair 
DOB: 11/6/2013
She is 4 Years Old
***PRA Normal ***
AKC Registered

Bree came here as an adult. She is super sweet and goofy. Loves to lick your face and bounce around, happy to do just about anything. She has been a great Mom and she is going to be missed. She is the queen of the castle and does well with other dogs as long as she can be the boss. Loves the cat and TREATS! Kid tested and approved. Bree would do well in any home, but needs to be the boss. So if you already have a bossy female, this would not be a good fit. But definitely a great fit for all other dogs, she is very social.

She will be ready to Rehome 
on or after 
October 5, 2018

Milo with Karen Jo
Rehomed Adults
Mitch & Poppy

 is 15 LBS
Chocolate & Cream Dapple
Long Hair 
DOB: 06/18/2016
She is 2 Years Old
***PRA Affected ***
AKC Registered

We've had Pebbles since she was 9 weeks old. She is super sweet and loves treats. She is a laid back dog, not aggressive or alpha, in fact we had trouble with some of the smaller females picking on her. Her coloring is Gorgeous and she is a super Mom but her size is larger than I want for my breeding program. Around small children seemed puzzled and confused, I feel she would do well in any home situation.

She will be ready to Rehome 
on or after 
September 22, 2018

Pebbles has Found her Forever Home!!
This picture says it AL...
This is what My Adult Doxies Deserve 
I will not Except Anything Less..........
Bree has found her FOREVER HOME!!
 & Poppy