Based in Fairfield, Maine, in New England, we breed and own Miniature Dachshunds. The humans on our team include a Veterinarian, a Veterinary Nurse, and an MBA.


While Veterinary Medicine can be deeply fulfilling, sometimes there is a lot of bad news in a day. We've found that a bit of puppy breath heals a lot of those emotional wounds.

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We entrust a breeder with decades of experience to help us connect our puppies with their future families. Creating lives and sending those pups to families who are starting their journey brings us so much joy.

Our dogs are selected for their temperaments, genetics and health. We believe in the importance of excellent veterinary care and the best in housing, companionship and enrichment for our dogs. They are raised in our homes and loved as part of our family.

Sending our puppies to excellent homes and families who believe as we do is our priority.

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