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Older Puppies & Adults..........


Every so often we have an adult dog that is ready to retire. Our adults are crate trained, fully vaccinated with teeth cleaning included, spayed or neutered and microchipped. All are dog door potty trained but have never been leashed trained. Our promise to our adults is, you give us some beautiful babies to fill some hearts with joy and we will find a home that will love and cherish you. The process is, getting through emails with me, if you get the green light, a meet and greet. At the meet and greet, we ALL agree that this would be a potential wonderful placement and the dog may go home with you that day.  All adults have a 30 day contract, which is….in 30 days You or the Dog are not Happy or Head over heels in Love with each other, you return the dog with crate and paperwork and we fully refund you for the dog. Our adults are the same price as a puppy 



eading 3

We are retiring a male, Tuck. He is a Long Hair Cream Male. Tuck is soon to be 1 year old, DOB 5/6/22. Tuck is very much a puppy, busy but exceptionally friendly and a bit shy upon meeting new folks. Tuck likes all other dogs and I think do well in a home that isn't hectic. He is Gorgeous at 11 pounds. Tuck was found at his last veterinary visit to have a few teeth with some missing enamel. The vet isn't sure of the future of the teeth or even the reason for the damage. We purchased Tuck from another breeder and  because of a low sperm count, he is rehoming.  His rehoming fee would normally would be 3500.00 but because of the uncertainty of the teeth, he is being offered at 2500.00. 

Tuck has been Rehomed!!

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